Spark Good turns small actions into big ripples that amount to meaningful impact over time.

The world is full of big problems. So big that it’s easy for them to make us feel smaller than small. But there’s something magical that happens when you think about helping the world in a new light and realize that helping your world can be the start of helping the world.

Because while the world can be overwhelming, distant, and just plain hard to wrap your arms around, your world is grounding, tangible, and personal to you and the things you care about in a way that makes making an impact feel like it’s within your reach.

Spark Good sprung from a simple question: How might we do more good, in more communities, more often?

And helping you help your world is the answer. It’s an answer that comes naturally to Walmart. Being part of your communities and neighborhoods has always been important to us. It means we know you, because we are you. Just...a little bit bigger.

So we’re here to be your force multiplier: turning your small actions into big ripples that amount to meaningful impact in your world, whatever it looks like.

Because we believe that when we come together, we can Spark Good.

Spark Good: A New Way of Giving

Check out the exciting tools and programs that can get you started helping the world by helping your world.

Spark Good FAQs

What is Walmart Spark Good? 

Spark Good is a new way of giving that makes it easier for associates and customers to support causes they care about, and for nonprofits to access Walmart’s customers, associates, and business and philanthropic resources. Nonprofits that want to take advantage of Spark Good resources must first become verified through FrontDoor, a third-party verification software powered by CyberGrants. 

What is FrontDoor?

Walmart uses a third party called FrontDoor, powered by CyberGrants to validate and verify that a nonprofit is in good standing, and that each individual associated with the organization is deemed an "authorized user" from that organization. Once an organization is FrontDoor verified, the organization may access other benefits by other companies in the FrontDoor ecosystem.  

How do I start the FrontDoor verification process? 

To start the FrontDoor verification process, please visit FrontDoor, powered by CyberGrants. For more details about the process, refer to this How-to Guide to become FrontDoor Verified.

For the verification process, an organization will need to provide a minimum of the following: 

  • Organization’s primary email  
  • IRS determination letter  
  • Current 990  
  • Organization’s Bank Account Information  
  • Additional information or interviews as required  

If you or your organization is unable or unwilling to provide any of the requirements listed, Walmart and FrontDoor powered by CyberGrants may not be able to serve you. 

Who are authorized users? 

FrontDoor verifies only the primary account owner for each organization. All secondary users associated with a FrontDoor account are authorized by an organization’s primary account owner. Authorized users may include employees, contractors, staff, and agents of organizations. Authorized users must be at least 18 years old. 

To access the nonprofit portal, all authorized users will need to have a account that matches the email address used for their FrontDoor account. 

What do I do if an organization’s authorized user is no longer with the organization and we need to delete the user? 

Please log into FrontDoor to delete or make changes to the list of secondary users. 

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues with the FrontDoor verification process? 

As FrontDoor is a third-party partner that Walmart works with, please reach out to them directly at 

What is the Spark Good Nonprofit Portal? 

The Spark Good Nonprofit Portal is a one-stop shop for eligible organizations to manage their charitable activities with Walmart, such as applying for local community grants, setting up customer-facing registries for needed items, requesting space outside of our facilities to fundraise, signing up for Round Up and more.  

What are the eligibility requirements for the Nonprofit Portal? 

While several types of organizations may gain access to the nonprofit portal, eligibility varies per program or tool. Please see the terms under each program or tool for details.  

What organizations are eligible to access the nonprofit portal? 

Please visit Spark Good Terms of Use to review eligibility requirements.  

How can an eligible organization sign up to access the nonprofit portal? 

An eligible organization must first become FrontDoor verified to access the nonprofit portal. After the organization has received its verification approval, it should set up a account using the same email address used for FrontDoor to access the portal. Please wait at least 24 hours after receiving your FrontDoor approval email before logging into the nonprofit portal.  

Can I add/have access to more than one organization on my nonprofit portal?

Yes, if you are listed as an authorized user in FrontDoor for more than one organization and the email address used for FrontDoor for each of these organizations matches the account that you are currently logged into, you can access multiple charitable organizations in your nonprofit portal.  

What information is shared between Walmart and FrontDoor? 

Please visit Spark Good Terms of Use to learn more about information sharing.    

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues with the nonprofit portal? 

Please reach out to 

Who do I contact if there is an issue with your order? 

You can visit and click “Track your order, Edit or Cancel an Order, or Returns & Refunds”. Alternatively, you can call 1 (800) 925-6278. Press 1 to enquire about your order.  

Where can I download the Spark Good logo?

You can download a Spark Good logo (.PNG) here.

Nonprofits are encouraged to use this logo on their website, on social media or in communications to your supporters when communicating to them about your participation in Walmart Spark Good. Any other uses of this logo must be authorized by Walmart Media Relations.