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Walmart offers customers the opportunity to give to organizations by rounding up their totals to the nearest dollar and donating when shopping on Walmart.com or donating much-needed products through Spark Good registries. Walmart and Sam’s Club also run in-store and online fundraising campaigns supporting Feeding America and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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Spark Good Round Up

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Customers shopping on Walmart.com or in the Walmart app can round up their purchase at checkout and have the change donated to a charity or NCES school they choose. It’s super easy. When a Walmart customer shops on a mobile phone or computer, they can select an eligible organization to support and will be prompted to donate to that organization each time they checkout. The nonprofit or school  must be enrolled in Round Up to participate.

For an organization to participate in Round Up, they must first be Deed verified, and then register in the Round Up program through their organization's Spark Good account. Review the Terms of Use.

For Nonprofits & Schools

To sign up for Round Up in your Spark Good account, your organization must be Deed verified, and you must be a primary user.

For Walmart Customers

Search for an organization to support today through Round Up!

Spark Good Registry

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Like a wedding or a baby registry, the Spark Good Registry allows verified nonprofits and NCES schools to create lists of needed products and gift cards and share those lists with their donors. Walmart ships items purchased through an organization’s registry directly to the organization, reducing the need to set up collection sites and retrieve donations. Organizations can create virtual events, like a coat or canned-food drive, and share their Spark Good Registry through their social media channels or newsletters. Donors can also discover Spark Good registries near them at Walmart.com/sparkgood.

For Nonprofits & Schools

Create a charitable registry today for your donors to support.

For Walmart Customers

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Spark Good FAQs

Have questions about Round Up or Registry? Visit Spark Good FAQs.