What We Do

Business exists to serve society. For Walmart, this is true in many ways. As the world’s largest grocer, we provide convenient access to affordable food and other products to people around the world. And we do that in ways that help create economic opportunity, advance long-term environmental sustainability and strengthen local communities. This shared value approach is complemented by Walmart.org’s philanthropic investments, which focus on areas where we use our strengths and expertise and collaborate with others to bring about system-wide change.

Our Work

We focus our philanthropic support across these areas keeping diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of our philanthrophy.

  • Creating Opportunity
    Retail is a powerful engine for economic opportunity – it’s true for Walmart associates, for the retail industry and in adjacent sectors as well. Our goal is to increase inclusive opportunity throughout retail and related sectors, as well as in technology, so that people can help build a better life for themselves and their families.
  • Advancing Sustainability
    Walmart aims to enhance sustainability of supply chains through promotion of and support for social and environmental sustainability efforts.
  • Strengthening Community
    Walmart’s approximately 2.2 million associates live and work in local communities around the world. Strong, vibrant towns and cities that provide convenient access to healthier food, stable jobs and support in times of disasters are essential to building strong local economies. Over the years, Walmart has been intentional about leveraging our strengths, associates and other resources to build resiliency in communities.
  • Center for Racial Equity
    As part of Walmart’s larger efforts to address the drivers of systemic racism in society and accelerate change, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation committed $100 million over five years through Walmart.org's Center for Racial Equity. The center’s initiatives will fund research, advocacy, innovation of practices and tools, stakeholder…
Where We Give
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