Healthier Food for All

We seek to eliminate food insecurity, find innovative and creative solutions to connect people around the world with healthier food options, all while promoting culturally relevant nutrition education.

Hunger is a reality for many families around the world. In 2017, the United States Department of Agriculture estimated that in the U.S. alone, more than 40 million people face food insecurity, which it defines as limited or uncertain access to adequate food. That’s why we are working to break down the barriers to access to healthier, nutritious food.

Our philanthropy is focused on two areas: improving access and availability to healthier food and building individuals’ confidence to select, prepare and serve healthier food.

In 2010, we made our first public commitment to fight hunger – over $2 billion in grants and in-kind food donations to organizations on the front lines of fighting food insecurity. In 2015, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation committed to help provide 4 billion meals to people in need, and nutrition education to 4 million people by 2020 and we reached that goal in early 2019.


Our Focus Areas

Our philanthropy is focused on three areas:

In FY2019, Walmart donated more than 640 million pounds of food, over 55% of which was fruits, vegetables and meats. Those efforts are complemented by philanthropic investments to increase access and availability to healthier food by:

  • Strengthening and protecting federal nutrition programs, specifically SNAP and WIC (i.e. technology to improve access to SNAP and WIC, including outreach, application assistance, program delivery and building capacity for advocacy).
  • Scaling food recovery models for fresher food, specifically from retail and farm (i.e. approaches to distribute fresh food more quickly to people in need, such as in re-processing food and helping to better connect food available for donation with organizations who are able to distribute it).
  • Evolving food distribution and meal programs to improve equitable access and outcomes, especially in communities experiencing higher rates of food insecurity (i.e. prototyping innovative approaches to fill gaps and better respond to needs, especially those with potential to scale).

Grantee Spotlight

National Recreation and Parks Association
The Increasing Access to Healthy Foods grant funded an innovative city-wide transportation initiative hosted by the Central Arkansas Library System, Rock Region METRO and Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department. With support from the Walmart Foundation, the National Recreation and Parks Association awarded this grant in 2019 to help Little Rock residents access summer meals, stay active and remain connected to one another.

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Through philanthropy, we support programs and initiatives designed to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables. We look for programs and initiatives that help people select, prepare and serve healthier meals. This strategy supports programs that:

  • Build nutrition literacy through evidence-based education programs (e.g. supporting schools in scaling access to educational content and delivery models and integrating education programs with initiatives increasing access to healthier foods).
  • Improve people’s ability to efficiently and effectively find and connect with food resources in their communities (e.g. leveraging technology web tools and applications).
  • Encourage healthier eating through evidence-based simplified nutrition messaging or programs that incentivize selection of healthier foods (e.g. targeting messages on digital platforms and implementing behavioral nudges).

We seek to fund organizations that have the capacity to administer sub-grants and build capacity across networks of organizations to scale proven strategies, test and evaluate place-based efforts or innovative approaches that could have the potential to scale in the future.

Grantee Spotlight

Brighter Bites is a Houston based non-profit focused on increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables combined with nutrition education to prevent obesity and improve health outcomes for low-income children and families.

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Food Safety

We seek to advance food safety through efforts designed to increase transparency and improve producer and consumer education.

As a leader in the retail food business, Walmart believes that maintaining a progressive and effective food safety management system is a critical part of our continued success.

Our philanthropy in this area is focused on the three areas of transparency, producer education and consumer education. In 2016, announced a plan to invest $25 million over five years to help advance food safety in China.

Following are focus areas for Food Safety:

Transparency supports work that accelerates data transparency in supply chains to address critical food safety issues. Philanthropic investments include scaling test equipment, risk-prevention systems and shared data approaches across supply chains.

Grantee Spotlight

A 2016 Walmart Foundation grant to MIT and its sub-awardees, Beijing Business Management College, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Zhejiang University, is supporting the development of predictive supply chain analytics and new testing technology to develop more effective management systems to address food supply chain risks in China and around the world.

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Producer Education

To help improve food safety for smaller producers along supply chains, philanthropic investments are testing food safety education, training and certifications, and promoting standardized practices among producers.

Grantee Spotlight

In 2016, a Walmart Foundation grant was awarded to the China Chain Store and Franchise Association to support the development of a comprehensive food safety education platform designed to advance best practices.
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Consumer Education

Through philanthropy, we are committed to furthering the research of food safety practices and to developing the educational tools and programming to increase adoption of food safety practices.

Grantee Spotlight

In 2018, a Walmart Foundation grant to the National Children’s Food Safety Protection Campaign, organized by the China Children and Teenagers Foundation, helped to educate 1 million people (including 310,000 children) from 196 schools and communities in 29 cities. They showed significant gains in their food safety knowledge and dietary behaviors as a result.

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The team at solicits proposals from eligible 501(c)(3) organizations whose work directly relates to the above focus areas.

Prior to submitting program ideas using the concept note format, please review the requirements and guidelines.

Reference and Research

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