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Small actions can lead to big impact, and Spark Good is the force multiplier.

Designed for and by nonprofits, Walmart Spark Good assembles all our community giving programs under one brand and improves access to tools and resources like local grants, round up, registry and the space request tool. Spark Good also puts customers and associates in the driver seat making it easier to give to the causes they care most about.

Walmart believes that small actions lead to big impact, and Spark Good can be the force multiplier.

Spark Good Round Up Campaign
Now through October 13, Walmart will match customer donations 2:1 made on Walmart.com or in the app to National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), up to $1M, and any participating sustainability affiliated organization enrolled in Spark Good Round Up.

Spark Good: 5 Steps to Get Started

Check out the eligibility guidelines for our different programs below and read through how to get started.

Walmart Spark Good and Walmart Business are robust resources available to organizations based on tax ID status. Check out the table below that features different organization types and eligibility status for Spark Good programs and Walmart Business.

Eligibility Table

Note: You are responsible for ensuring that any purchasing or other benefits received and/or conferred by your organization comply with the guidelines and regulations applicable to your organization.

To participate in Spark Good programs, each public charity must be verified through a third-party verification partner. Go to FrontDoor to begin the verification process.

Note: Organizations do not need to go through the verification process to participate in Walmart Business.


Now that you are a verified organization, start using Spark Good programs like round up, registry and the space request tool. Click on your organization type below to view an overview of programs and tips relevant to your organization.

Telling your supporters that you are enrolled in Spark Good Round Up or that you have a Spark Good Registry is crucial in benefitting from the program. We’ve created a promotional toolkit to help you share your story.

Click here to see sample social posts, emails and web copy. 

To learn more about our programs and help you take advantage of all that Spark Good offers, please join our bi-monthly webinars scheduled throughout the year. We will be updating our schedule of topics monthly.

Webinars Register here

    • 9/7, 12-1pm CT, Thursday – Spaces for Good Program
    • 9/21, 12-1pm CT, Thursday – Local Community Grants (updated)
    • 10/5, 12-1pm CT, Thursday – Associate Engagement (Volunteerism & Giving)
    • 10/19, 12-1pm CT, Thursday – Customer Engagement on Walmart.com (Round up & Registry)

    Have any questions about our Spark Good programs? Join our live virtual help desk to ask questions or troubleshoot your issues with a Spark Good team member.

    Virtual Help DeskRegister here

    • 9/12, 12-1pm CT, Tuesday
    • 9/28, 12-1pm CT, Thursday
    • 10/10, 12-1pm, Tuesday
    • 10/26, 12-1pm, Thursday
    • 11/14, 12-1pm, Tuesday
    • 11/30, 12-1pm, Thursday

    If you have any issues registering for any of our webinars, please join this webinar link to listen in.

    If you have any issues registering for the help desk, please join this meeting link to ask your questions.

    Spark Good Programs

    Check out the exciting tools and programs that can get you started helping the world by helping your world.

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    Community Grants

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    Product Donations

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    Space Request Tool

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    Customer Engagement

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    Associate Engagement

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    Spark Good FAQs

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    Spark Good is a new way of giving that makes it easier for associates and customers to support causes they care about, and for nonprofits to access Walmart’s customers, associates, and business and philanthropic resources. Nonprofits that want to take advantage of Spark Good resources must first become verified through FrontDoor, a third-party verification software powered by CyberGrants.

    Walmart uses a third party called FrontDoor, powered by CyberGrants to validate and verify that a nonprofit is in good standing, and that each individual associated with the organization is deemed an "authorized user" from that organization. Once an organization is FrontDoor verified, the organization may access other benefits by other companies in the FrontDoor ecosystem.

    To start the FrontDoor verification process, please visit FrontDoor, powered by CyberGrants. For more details about the process, refer to this How-to Guide to become FrontDoor Verified.

    For the verification process, an organization will need to provide a minimum of the following:

    • Organization’s primary email  
    • IRS determination letter  
    • Current 990  
    • Organization’s Bank Account Information  
    • Additional information or interviews as required  

    If you or your organization is unable or unwilling to provide any of the requirements listed, Walmart and FrontDoor powered by CyberGrants may not be able to serve you.

    FrontDoor verifies only the primary account owner for each organization. All secondary users associated with a FrontDoor account are authorized by an organization’s primary account owner. Authorized users may include employees, contractors, staff, and agents of organizations. Authorized users must be at least 18 years old.

    To access the nonprofit portal, all authorized users will need to have a Walmart.com account that matches the email address used for their FrontDoor account.

    Please log into FrontDoor to delete or make changes to the list of secondary users.

    As FrontDoor is a third-party partner that Walmart works with, please reach out to them directly at frontdoor@cybergrants.com.

    The Spark Good Nonprofit Portal is a one-stop shop for eligible organizations to manage their charitable activities with Walmart, such as applying for local community grants, setting up customer-facing registries for needed items, requesting space outside of our facilities to fundraise, signing up for Round Up and more.

    While several types of organizations may gain access to the nonprofit portal, eligibility varies per program or tool. Please see the terms under each program or tool for details.

    Please visit Spark Good Terms of Use to review eligibility requirements.

    An eligible organization must first become FrontDoor verified to access the nonprofit portal. After the organization has received its verification approval, it should set up a Walmart.com account using the same email address used for FrontDoor to access the portal. Please wait at least 24 hours after receiving your FrontDoor approval email before logging into the nonprofit portal.

    Yes, if you are listed as an authorized user in FrontDoor for more than one organization and the email address used for FrontDoor for each of these organizations matches the Walmart.com account that you are currently logged into, you can access multiple charitable organizations in your nonprofit portal.

    Please visit Spark Good Terms of Use to learn more about information sharing.

    You can download a Spark Good logo (.PNG) here.

    Nonprofits are encouraged to use this logo on their website, on social media or in communications to your supporters when communicating to them about your participation in Walmart Spark Good. Any other uses of this logo must be authorized by Walmart Media Relations.

    Working Together to Spark Change

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