Healthier Kids and Communities: How Business and Philanthropy Work Together To Drive Change

Food Corps Member Serving Food to Chico Elementary Students

Food is more than just fuel – it’s a source of joy, curiosity and identity – and a pathway to sharing a table with others. This philosophy drives FoodCorps, an American non-profit organization dedicated to providing food and food education to elementary school students across the nation. For the past decade, the Walmart Foundation has supported FoodCorps, investing in programming through grants totaling over $4 million in just the past four years.

Recently, we had the opportunity to witness the transformative power of hands-on food education at Chicot Elementary in Little Rock, Arkansas. Through immersive teaching – in the garden and the classroom – students at Chicot Elementary are learning about where their food comes from, fostering a deeper appreciation for healthy eating habits and learning that nutrition doesn’t have to look one way.

“The work FoodCorps's doing is helping kids make healthier choices while celebrating their cultures at home. Plus, it's all about inclusivity, driving change in how we think about food in communities across the country,” said Rachel Spencer, senior manager of Community Resilience at the Walmart Foundation.

As we reflect on FoodCorps’ impact, the numbers tell a compelling story:

  • Kids in schools with more FoodCorps hands-on learning activities eat up to 3x as many fruits and veggies as students who receive less hands-on learning.
  • 73% of FoodCorps alumni continue to make an impact through careers in policy, education, and public health.
  • 59% of students increase their preferences for vegetables after receiving FoodCorps lessons.

By supporting organizations like FoodCorps, the Walmart Foundation is continuing our efforts to help people live better, healthier lives.

“The Walmart Foundation’s work is rooted in helping people and communities live better,” said Spencer. “By investing in organizations that share this core value, we seek to complement how Walmart helps people live healthier through our business. Together, business and philanthropy can transform systems for the better.”