The Grand Challenge – by New Profit, MIT Solve, and XPRIZE

Future of Work Grand Challenge

Hear from Dr. Angela Jackson from New Profit who is spearheading the work with XPRIZE’s Rapid Reskilling Challenge.

XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling Challenge is a $5 million dollar, 30-month competition to quickly reskill workers for the digital revolution. The solution for upskilling platforms will be complemented by the work of MIT Solve which will power a six-month competition to find and support the most promising solutions to help workers assess their skills, find high-growth jobs, and get support to land those jobs. These two challenges combined are known as The Grand Challenge.

Submissions are now open. For more information on the prizes or to submit your solution idea, please visit: https://www.newprofit.org/go/fow-grand-challenge/