Commitment to Grantees

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Our Commitment to Our Grantees

Our grantees are at the core of our work. Achieving results depends on many factors, including the quality of our relationships and forging stronger interactions with our most trusted partners - our grantees. Our commitment to you is that we will:

  • Act with integrity
  • Provide clear and consistent communications
  • And be responsive.

We believe we can achieve more by including our grantees as valued contributors to our overall strategies. In order to do this, we will provide clear and consistent communications.

  • We will be transparent and work to make our communications clear and consistent throughout the grant making process.
  • We will share our guidelines and programmatic strategies with you.
  • You will know who is handling your grant or grant request. We encourage you to provide them with feedback on how to continuously improve the relationship.
  • You will know when your contact at the Foundation has changed.
  • At the time of the grant, you will receive a grantee onboarding document that outlines expectations tied to frequency of communication and reporting during the grant period to make sure we can mutually support each other.

We believe we can only achieve our mission through collaboration with our grantees. The insights you provide increase our impact and advance our shared values. In order to deepen our work, we will be responsive.

  • We will seek to understand your organization’s overall strategy and goals in order to know how our investment allows you to deliver on your mission.
  • We will be reachable. Our responses will be timely and on-point. You can depend on us to meet our stated deadlines.
  • We recognize the work will evolve over the grant period, and we will provide opportunities for you to share insights with us so we can learn alongside you.
  • We ask that we mutually share resources, networks, perspectives, and approaches.
  • We will use social media to uplift your work and seek real-time learning alongside you.

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