Spark Good Customer Engagement

As part of your local communities, we’re connected to the causes you care about – and invested in supporting the collective impact we can make together. Walmart offers customers the opportunity to give to the organizations they care about by rounding up their totals to the nearest dollar and donating the change and through in-store and online campaigns supporting Feeding America and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. These efforts can produce big impacts over time.

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Spark Good Round Up

Customers shopping on or in the Walmart app can now round up their totals at the point of purchase to the nearest dollar and have the change donated to a charity they choose. It’s super easy. When a Walmart customer shops on a mobile phone or computer, they will be prompted to choose a charity to donate to or decline the opportunity. The customer’s charity of choice must be enrolled in Round Up to participate.

Spark Good Round Up for Nonprofits

Through, we aim to help you rally the support of your community and beyond by providing you with a variety of resources, including Spark Good Round Up. To participate, organizations must become FrontDoor verified and then enroll in the Round Up program. Once these steps are completed, your nonprofit will be visible to customers seeking to donate through Round Up program.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Become a FrontDoor verified nonprofit by clicking this link
  • STEP 2: Create a account and log in to Note: only primary users of a nonprofit’s FrontDoor account can enroll in Round Up. 
  • STEP 3: Click on the Round Up box 
  • STEP 4: Click "Get Started" 
  • STEP 5: Complete the enrollment instructions. For help, review FAQs below or check out the Round Up How-to Guide.
  • STEP 6: Review the Terms of Use
  • STEP 7: Promote your participation in Round Up to your supporters 

Once your enrollment is complete, tell your supporters so that they can choose you as their charity when shopping on the Walmart app or on To help you tell your story, we’ve created some promotion tools and tips. Check out this promotional toolkit for ideas and tips.

We love feedback so we’ve created this short survey so you can tell us what you think about the new Round Up program. You can take the survey here.

FAQs for Nonprofits

Q.1: What is Spark Good Round Up?  

Spark Good Round up is a program that allows and Walmart app customers to round up their purchase total to the nearest dollar at checkout and donate the "change" to a charitable nonprofit of their choice.  


Q.2: Who is eligible to sign up for Spark Good Round Up?  

Please visit Spark Good Terms of Use to review eligibility requirements.  

Q.3: Can a charitable organization outside the U.S. participate in Spark Good Round Up? 

No, an eligible organization must be headquartered in the United States (the 50 States, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands). 


Q.4: How do I register and receive donations for my charitable organization?  

If you are the primary user of your FrontDoor verified organization, start by logging into the Spark Good Nonprofit Portal using the account email that is the same email you used to log into FrontDoor. 

Once you are logged into the nonprofit portal: 

  • Find the "Round Up" tile.    
  • Click “Get Started” to participate in this program.   

To enroll in Spark Good Round Up, you must : 

  • set up your customer-facing organization profile page,   
  • provide your organization’s address,   
  • confirm ACH details (or add them in Frontdoor) and   
  • agree to the Terms of Use.   

Q.5: Who can enroll in this program on behalf of my charitable organization? 

Only the primary user in FrontDoor can log into the nonprofit portal to enroll your organization in this program. 

Q.6: After enrollment, will a customer automatically be able to select my organization to round up to? 

Yes, once you complete your enrollment to participate in Spark Good Round Up, your organization will immediately be discoverable by a customer searching for your organization to round up to. You can share your nonprofit profile page with your supporters. Under "Spread the Word", you can click to share via Facebook, Twitter or via email. You can also copy the link to your profile page to share with your supporters.  

Q.7: Is there any cost to a charitable organization? 

No, there is no cost to the charitable organization to enroll and participate in this program. No fees will be deducted from the donation amount.  

 Q.8: Why do you need a physical address for my charitable organization?  

FrontDoor requires your physical address to verify your organization. In addition, the Spark Good page ( uses your address to allow customers to find charitable organizations located close to them.  

Q.9: How do I update the ACH bank account information? 

You can update your ACH back account information in FrontDoor. Please view this FrontDoor guide for more information.  

 Q.10: Does my organization need a bank account to participate in Spark Good Round Up? 

Yes, you must have a bank account and register for ACH payments on FrontDoor in order to receive your donations. Please note that only the primary user in FrontDoor can view and update the ACH payment information. While ACH details are required to participate in Spark Good Round Up, FrontDoor will not share the ACH details with Walmart.  

Q.11: How do I remove my charitable organization from this program if I no longer wish to participate?  

To remove your charitable organization from participating in Round Up, you can unenroll by going to your organization settings in nonprofit portal. Please note that only the primary user in FrontDoor can unenroll your organization. 


Q.12: What is Network for Good and what role do they play in this program? 

Network for Good (NFG), a 501(c)(3) is a nonprofit partner that operates a donor advised fund to distribute donations to nonprofits. Walmart works with Network for Good to grant donated round up funds to the recommended charities that customers have selected.   

 Q.13: What happens when a customer selects my charitable organization to round up their purchases and completes their order?  

When a customer completes their order, the round up donation will be made to Network for Good, a 501(c)(3) partner. Network for Good will in turn makes grants to the recommended charity selected by the customer. NFG-DAF will disburse funds to all charities eligible at the time of the quarterly disbursement. Please visit Spark Good Terms of Use  for more information. 

Q.14: When will my charitable organization receive customer donations? 

Assuming your charitable organization remains an eligible organization under this program, you will receive a disbursement notification from Network for Good prior to receiving the funds. Please note that funds will only be disbursed after meeting a $5 threshold quarterly. Donations disbursements will be made quarterly within 15-20 working days after the end of the quarter.  Quarters are defined as January-March, April-June, July-September, October- December.  

Q.15: What happens if my charitable organization does not meet the $5 quarterly threshold?  

If your organization does not meet the $5 quarterly threshold, Walmart will true up the donations to the $5 threshold amount and Network for Good will disburse that amount on a quarterly basis.  

 Nonprofit Profile Page:

Q.16: Can I view the amount of donations my charitable organization has received?  

Yes, you can view the amount of customer donations received on your organization’s profile page.  

Sharing the Program :

Q.17: How can I share with others that my charitable organization is participating in Spark Good Round Up?  

After you have created your organization’s profile page, under "Spread the Word", you can click to share via Facebook, Twitter  email, or copy the share link  

Information Sharing and Privacy :

Q.18: What information is shared between Walmart and Network for Good? 

 Please visit Spark Good Terms of Use to learn more about information sharing.  


Q.19: Who do I contact if I cannot find an answer relating to Round Up on the FAQs? 

If you have a question related to your donation disbursement, please visit Network for Good FAQs ( or reach out to If you have a question related to the Spark Good Round Up tool, please reach out to  

Spark Good Round Up for Customers

Our customers are some of the most generous people we know, and they are passionate about so many causes. You’ve told us you want more choice when it comes to the charities we connect you with for programs like Round Up. We heard you and we’re excited that now, every time you check out on or through the Walmart app, you can choose a favorite charity to give your change to. Small acts like rounding up your change and donating it will have a big impact over time.

To get started on, follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Visit and sign in to your account 
  • STEP 2: Search for a favorite charity. 
  • STEP 3: Once you choose a charity, go to the Round Up box and click "Select this Charity" 
  • STEP 4: Review the FAQs and the Terms of Use  
  • STEP 5: Start rounding up to this charity every time you shop.  
  • STEP 6: Tell others about Round Up. Help promote a fundraising or awareness event your favorite nonprofit is hosting in front of a Walmart or Sam’s Club facility.

Check out this promotional toolkit for tips and ideas.  

You can change your charity for Round Up or opt-out of donations any time.

If your favorite charity isn’t listed, you may be able to help the nonprofit become a verified organization and take advantage of all the great tools that are part of Walmart Spark Good. Send these step-by step instructions to your favorite nonprofits so they can become verified and start benefiting from Round Up. 

To get started on the Walmart app, follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Click "Account" on the lower right-hand corner.
  • STEP 2: Under manage account, click "Giving & Impact". It will direct you to a web browser where you can continue to select your charity to round up to.
  • STEP 3: Click "Select local charity". Search for a favorite charity.
  • STEP 4: Once you choose a charity, click "Select".
  • STEP 5: Review the Terms of Use. Click "Done! Start making an impact" to confirm your charity selection. When you refresh the browser, your charity selection will be updated.
FAQs for Customers

Q.1: What is Spark Good Round Up? 

As a customer, you can now choose a charitable nonprofit that you care about, to round up your purchase total to the nearest dollar at checkout and donate your change to your chosen organization. 

Charity Selection: 

Q.2: How do I select a charitable organization to round up to?  

To select a charitable organization to round up to: 

Visit and sign in to your account. 

  • Search for a charity. You can search for your local charity (by name, by cause, by type), or use the zip code and cause type search to  choose a charity close to you. Click "Search"  
  • Once you select a charity, under Round Up, click "Select this Charity"  
  • If you would like your future orders to round up and donate by default, opt in by sliding the button to the right. Click “Done! Start making an impact”  

In future orders, you will see the “Round up” amount appear when you view the check-out cart. You can uncheck the box if you do not want to donate the round up sum for specific purchases, or you can leave the box checked if you wish to round up and donate your change. 
 Q.3: Can I change my charity selection?  

Yes, you can change your charity selection at any time.  

Web/Mobile Browser :
On, go to your “Account” at the top right-hand corner of your screen. 

  • Click "My account"
  • Under Manage Account, click "Spark Good"    
  • Under "Your Preferred Charity", click "Change Charity" 

On Walmart App, go to "Account" at the lower right-hand corner of the app. 

  • Under Manage Account, click "Spark Good"  
  • It will then direct you to a mobile web browser to continue.   
  • Under "Your Preferred Charity", click "Change Charity"  

Q.4: What charities can I choose from?  

You can choose from any eligible charitable organization that has enrolled to participate in Round Up. If you do not see your preferred choice, please share this program with the charitable organization and encourage them to enroll in Round Up (eligibility rules apply) so that you can support them with your round up donations.  


Q.5: Can I receive a tax deduction for amounts donated with Round Up?  

Yes, 100% of your Round Up donation is tax deductible to the extent otherwise allowed by law.  

Q.6: Will I receive any notifications when my donation is received by the charity? 

No, you will not receive any notifications. You can track the status of your Round Up donations in your Account.  

Q.7: Where can I see all my Spark Good Round Up donations? 

Web/Mobile :
Log into Go to your "Account" at the top right-hand corner. 

  • Click "My Account"  
  • Under Manage Account, click "Spark Good" to view all your donations.   
  • When your donations are marked "Completed", your donation has been fully processed and received by the charity.  

Go to "Account" at the bottom right-hand corner.  

  • Under Manage Account, click "Spark Good" to view all your donations.   
  • It will direct you to continue on a web browser.   

You will see your total monetary contributions to Spark Good Round Up, as well as a line-by-line account of Round Up donations to individual charitable organizations.  
Q.8: Will there be circumstances where my selected charitable organization will not receive the donation? 

There may be a rare occurrence where a selected charity does not satisfy Network for Good’s criteria for receiving donations based on its vetting policy or disbursement review policy (e.g. organization is not in good standing with federal or state regulators, or the charity returns the donation for any reason). In this case, Network for Good will direct those donations to United Way Worldwide. You can see all your Round Up donation in your account settings. Any redirected donation will be reflected in the donation history in your Account Settings page under Spark Good. 

Q.9: How do I un-enroll from participating in Spark Good Round up?  

You can un-enroll at any time.  

Go to your “Account” at the top right-hand corner of your screen.  

  • Click "My Account"  
  • Click "Spark Good"  
  • Under "Round Up", slide the button to the left to stop your participation in Round up. 

Go to your "Account" at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.  

  • Click "Account"  
  • Click "Spark Good" It will direct you to continue on a web browser.   
  • Under "Round Up", slide the button to the left to stop your participation in Round up.  

You can always rejoin and turn on your participation at any time.  
Q.10: If I represent a charitable organization, how can I learn more about signing my organization up for Spark Good Round Up? 

We encourage you to review the FAQs for Nonprofits for eligibility and steps to get started. 

Other ways to engage:

Q.11: Can I make direct donations to the charitable organization through Walmart Spark Good? 

You can purchase much-needed product items for the charitable organizations you support on their Spark Good Registry.  To search for registries, please visit  

Information Sharing and Privacy:  

Q.12: What information is shared with the charitable organization?  

 Please visit Spark Good Terms of Use to learn more about information sharing.   


Q.13: If I have more questions regarding Spark Good Round up, where should I go to learn more? 

Please visit the FAQs under Account Settings, Spark Good. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to