Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We seek to understand and address the systemic inequities of underrepresented groups, particularly barriers that prevent them from overcoming social and environmental challenges in the communities where they live and work.

At Walmart, we believe we are best equipped to help our associates, customers and the communities we serve live better when we really know them. That means understanding, respecting and valuing diversity – unique styles, experiences, identities, ideas and opinions – while being inclusive of all people. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion extends beyond the walls of our company and out into the communities where our customers and associates live and work.

We think about diversity, equity and inclusion in each of our giving portfolios. For example, in looking at programs that advance smallholder farmer livelihoods, we focus our funding on programs that help address women’s inclusion and empowerment. We ask about the design of projects and disaggregating data to understand any disproportionate impacts on program participants.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Focus Areas

Our philanthropy is focused on three areas:
Diversifying the Talent Pipeline

Through investments in job training programs and college access, Walmart.org is investing in the next generation of talent.

Grantee Spotlight

The Walmart Foundation has a nearly 10-year relationship with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). In 2018, Walmart Foundation made a $500,000 grant to support UNCF’s Institute for Capacity Building (ICB), which provides resources to enhance the sustainability and success of UNCF’s 37-member, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Through ICB, member institutions receive technical assistance, professional development, programming and grant support to improve their institutional effectiveness, fiscal management and accreditation preparation strategies.

Strengthening Inclusion in Local Communities

Walmart.org is committed to building stronger, more resilient and inclusive communities. One approach we are taking is building capacity of organizations working in local communities.

Grantee Spotlight

In 2017, Walmart Foundation made a $500,000 grant to support the National Urban League’s “Project Empower U University,” a program comprised of a series of capacity-building trainings to 30 of the Urban League’s local affiliates. This program builds on a longstanding partnership between Walmart Foundation and the National Urban League to deliver more integrated services to improve the economic outcomes for individuals from predominantly low-income communities of color.

Requests for applications in this area are by invitation or in response to an annual RFP process with the goal to source new ideas and approaches to address the most persistent disparities experienced by communities.

We routinely publish RFPs throughout the year. Please visit our website to view a list of open RFPs.