Veterans & Military Families

We seek to help veterans and military families successfully transition from active duty to civilian life, supporting programs that strengthen the systems they need for reintegration.

As U.S. veterans transition to civilian life, they sometimes face challenges in finding the resources to aid them in securing a job, housing, healthcare, education or training. Walmart knows firsthand the value veterans bring to our businesses and communities, and we aim to help them build a future filled with opportunity in recognition of their service. invests in organizations whose programs and research support the successful reintegration of U.S. veterans and military families back into their local communities. While we seek to strengthen systems and communities that aid our military members and their families through all stages of their service journey, we place a particular focus on transitioning military members. has invested $40 million since 2011 to support programs that provide job training, education and technology to help veterans and military families.

Veteran with family

Our Focus Areas

Our philanthropy is focused on:
Reintegration of U.S. Veterans

When nonprofits, businesses and government agencies work together to plan, implement and evaluate veteran programs, results are amplified. These efforts aren’t just helping our veterans and military families – they’re improving entire communities. We prioritize support for military families in the five states with the highest concentration of veteran populations: California, Texas, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Grantee Spotlight

The first grant to Boston University, ending in 2018, established thea Women Veterans Network (WoVeN),: a nationwide network of structured, trained-peer-facilitated, 8-week support groups for female Veterans. Following this successful launch, a 2019 grant supported the growth of current WoVeN groups and implementation of train-the-trainer workshops to extend WoVeN’s reach.

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Applications are by invitation only for 501(c)(3) organizations (or equivalent organizations outside the U.S.) whose work directly relates to the above focus areas. Unsolicited proposals will not be accepted.