Diversity in the Talent Pipeline

We seek to advance and diversify technology and retail talent pipelines in our communities by investing in pathways for underrepresented populations.

We invest in two things: (1) efforts to encourage more underrepresented learners to select and succeed in programs that prepare them for careers in technology (2) actionable research to better understand what works in efforts to diversify the talent pipeline within these fields.

We think about diversity, equity and inclusion in each of our giving portfolios. Our philanthropy invests in the future generation of talent by helping advance solutions to bridge divides where all people have equal access to tools, job training and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

Our Focus Areas

Our philanthropy focuses on:
Diversity in the Technology and Retail Talent Pipelines

Through investments in innovative learning and college completion, Walmart.org is investing in the next generation of talent.

Grantee Spotlight

The Cognizant U.S. Foundation, Walmart.org and Microsoft Philanthropies made a collective $3 million investment to CodePath.org to support delivery of industry-informed computer science curriculum at 150 college campuses nationwide, and support women and students of color studying and pursuing careers in technology. The investment in CodePath.org, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding the pipeline of underrepresented populations in technology, will enable the organization to triple the number of two- and four-year colleges participating. Programming will expand to more than 75 cities nationwide and increase annual capacity by 250 percent, serving as many as 7,000 students by 2021.

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Applications are by invitation only for 501(c)(3) organizations (or equivalent organizations outside the U.S.) whose work directly relates to the above focus areas. Unsolicited proposals will not be accepted.

Reference and Research

Check out some great resources and collaborations on how organizations are advancing and diversifying talent in the technology and retail pipelines.
  • Advancing Frontline Employees of Color
    FSG’s report identifies 23 evidence-based practices for advancing racial equity and fostering workin...
  • Leaving Talent on the Table
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  • Hire Heroes Report
    The second annual study of employment trends in the military and veteran population.